Beauty Is Everywhere.

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Appreciate the beauty around you, if you look hard enough you can find beauty in anything. Going to Humboldt State, I blow trees everyday, graphic design is my passion, vegetarian, minimalist.

Whoops just spend 200 dollars on a monitor at least I can get some work done now

My friend was selling an 800 dollar monitor for 75 dollars told him I would think about it, decided the next day I wanted it and told him, but he had sold it literally 30 minutes before. Now I feel like I need a high quality monitor and it’s all I can focus on. Sorry job I’m just going to be on eBay all day.

I need to fall in/out of love if only for the surge of artistic brilliance it will bring me

Have any of you guys been listening to the new Atmosphere album? If not you should check it out, that duo gets better with every album.

Ahhhh how is it Monday already. The weekend went too fast, I’m not ready for another week full of work :/